Welcome to my personal homepage. I am a software developer by profession as well as by hobby. My main area of interest concerns Web application frameworks and related technologies: application servers, database management systems, markup languages, and RAD frameworks.

Open-source software

To test my degree of experience, I (co)founded the Ex-nunc project, aimed to develop a full-fledged Web application framework, written in OCaml. (More...)

Curriculum vitae

I am currently employed at Gruppo MutuiOnline, where I design and develop software applications used by BPO Division (Business Process Outsourcing Division). (More...)

Degree Thesis

I hold a degree in Computer Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano. My thesis is about autonomous trading agents. I developed an agent that partecipated in the 2001 Trading Agent Competition. (More...)


I wrote an article about a statistical analysis of the 2001 Trading Agent Competion that was published on SIGecomm Exchanges. (More...)

To contact me, please write to the following e-mail address: